Chinese Dish On Their Favorite Luxury Hotels in China

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Over the past five years, there has been a major expansion of luxury hotels all over China. So which hotels are winning over Chinese travelers?

The New York-based Luxury Institute recently released two new Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI) surveys, which asked Chinese travelers about their hotel preferences. Chinese consumers with an annual income of at least one million yuan ($157,000) were asked to evaluate 26 different accommodations.

Based on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), travelers scored the hotels based on a number of criteria, including ability to deliver special guest experiences, exclusivity, degree of status enhancement, and accommodations.

In China, the hotel with the highest LBSI score (8.1), was St. Regis. But, travelers visited the JW Marriott and Grand Hyatt more frequently. According to the survey, most travelers identified these two hotels as the ones they are most likely to stay on their next trip, as well. Chinese travelers also had plenty of good things to say about InterContinental, which – coincidentally – is busy ramping up enthusiam for its hotels in China and Hong Kong.

A recent report from the Spectrem Group further illuminate the Luxury Institute’s findings: Chinese travelers repeatedly say their trips aren’t about status, but about experience. Spectrem reports that respondents would rather spend their fortunes on creating memories than on buying flashy cars and jewelry. Nearly half of Spectrem’s respondents reported spending more than $25,000 per year on leisure travel and vacations.

There are plenty more hotels vying to give Chinese luxury travelers unforgettable experiences as new hotel openings have not satiated. Marriott will continue to open a new hotel each month across Asia for the rest of the year, and international chains like Hyatt and Starwood continue to focus on Chinese development.

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One Response to Chinese Dish On Their Favorite Luxury Hotels in China

  1. Antoine says:

    I work in China for 6 years and I can tell you this survey makes no sense what so ever to anyone in the industry.. St Regis is quite a new brand in China and it’s not doing so well so far.. There were only 2 St Regis in China until recently, a very old one in Shanghai, which had to be deflaged last year as it was no way near meeting the standards and one in Beijing which was until last year not even known as the St Regis but as The International Club… Starwood is only pushing the brand for a year with Sanya and Shenzhen but it still very far in terms of brand recognition..

    The number one brand in China, without a doubt, is Ritz Carlton, anyone living in China could tell you that.. With the Ritz Carlton Sanya been the most successful in whole China.

    This survey doesn’t make sense to me..

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