China’s Peak Sports Opens First U.S. Store

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Peak Sports

As Western brands are rushing into China, could Chinese brands slowly be making their way West?

China-based sporting goods retailer, PEAK Sports, has opened a store in Los Angeles. This is PEAK’s first store in the U.S. and another step toward its goal of creating a global brand.

The store offers an assortment of basketball gear including apparel, footwear, and accessories. All the products sold in America are designed by American designers.

To bolster its image in the U.S., PEAK struck an endorsement deal with the Miami Heat basketball team that would include PEAK signage on the court, and during some home games, the retailer will sponsor the “Peak Performance Play of the Game.”

“I am confident this partnership will bring improvement to and growth in many aspects of our brand,” said Peak CEO Xu Zhihua, who is optimistic that this affiliation with the top-notch Miami Heat team will provide the company recognition and credibility.

The deal is an extension to the endorsement deal PEAK has with Heat player, Shane Battier according to Heat president, Eric Woolworth. Battier became the brand ambassador in 2006 and has become a national icon in China, according to the franchise.

We expect more Chinese brands to emerge in the U.S. and, of course, use Western marketing tactics.  The global expansion not only enlarges the consumer base for these brands, but builds their credibility and their market share at home. A trend worth watching.

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One Response to China’s Peak Sports Opens First U.S. Store

  1. kayleigh says:

    “All the products sold in America are designed by American designers.”

    – Which means the product varies from market to market. Still, it’s not a brand, but a manufacture.

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