China’s Camerich Furniture Opens in High-Profile European Hubs

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The Camerich Furniture Co is going where few Chinese furniture brands have gone before – Europe.

Entrepreneur Theo Lomann just opened a boutique of the brand’s furniture in Cologne, a three-story shop featuring over 6,700 square feet of business space. “Camerich’s designs and product quality are based on high standards. The company often surprises us with amazing products,” Lohmann said.

Camerich has been cropping up in other high-profile European hubs. There’s a location on Avenue Louise in Paris, Waterloo Street in Brussels, and even on King’s Road in London. “We plan to increase the number of our overseas boutiques to 200 by 2016,” said Fu Haijun, founder and general manager of Camerich. The brand currently has 43, 10 of which were launched in 2012.

“Many foreign distributors have been asking us to open more outlets soon. They like what they see of our self-designed and high-quality products but we only grant a small number of requests. We must guarantee everything has been well prepared before launching a new outlet,” Fu tells China Daily.

The young manager – just 40 years old – has spent half his life in the furniture business. His collection inspired by the Ming Dynasty, as well as the very modern Avalon series, have been big hits with oversees franchisees.

Camerich’s popularity abroad stems from its self-designed products and in-house creativity that starts at home. “It is our hope that, the moment people step inside, they will feel the charm of the distinct Camerich culture, discover the change that we could bring to their lives and see what they really need,” said Lohmann.

The company also has presence in the North and South American markets.

Foreign purchasers make all the difference to the sales of some Chinese furniture brands. Window of Furniture Group, based in Guangdong, has proved very popular in Saudi Arabia. Landbond Furniture Group, also of Guangdong, and Beijing’s Ilinio Furniture Co also have popular overseas outlets.




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One Response to China’s Camerich Furniture Opens in High-Profile European Hubs

  1. rory says:

    Camerich have also opened three London showrooms the latest of which in swisscottage is over 12000 ft.

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