Clarins Eyes Booming Beauty Market in Asia

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French cosmetics company Clarins, under CEO Philip Shearer, is looking to make the brand internationally known. Now it’s looking to Asia to carry its flag.

“The Asian economy is doing well. Comparatively, it is progressing much better than other countries where the economy is almost at a standstill. As a global skincare brand, it’s important to tap into consumer markets that have plenty of growth opportunities,” explained Shearer.

But Clarins is interested in more than just the obvious growth potential: Asians love, appreciate, and understand cosmetics. They devote more expendable income to their skincare needs than they do to most other luxury sectors. “Asians form a sophisticated market when you consider their concept of beauty, consumer needs and disciplined skincare routines,” he said. “Skincare holds the largest share market in Asia. We would like to focus on Asia because women in this region place strong emphasis on beauty and skincare.”

Clarins was founded in  1954 by Jacques Courtin-Clarins, a spa operator who specialized in making beauty products for women. And while the company has been around for awhile, it certainly knows how to change with the times. The brand has earned itself the Good Laboratories Practice accreditation by the French health agency as well as the eco cert, which guarantees its products are made from organic sources.

Clarins products that are making a hit in Asia include Shaping Facial Lift, a special serum that refines facial features, and White Plus, a cream that targets dark spots on the skin. Recently, Clarins launched the Double Serum Total Age Control Concentrate, a dual-phase serum created from 20 botanical extracts. The product was designed with a lighter texture to cater to the needs of Asian women, who need high-absorption formulas in humid climates.

“Our company has survived for 56 years because we stick to our values which revolve around Communication, Listening, Authenticity, Respect, Innovation, Nature and Service,” said Christian Courtin-Clarins, Clarins’ group’s supervisory board president.

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