Land Rover Offers Chinese Drivers ‘Unexplored Experiences’

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Jaguar Land Rover Greater China offered Chinese drivers the trip of a lifetime this summer with their “Never Stop Discovering, Unexplored Experiences” campaign.

The campaign offered Land Rover drivers the chance to drive through one national and four regional “unexplored routes,” including the coastal Zhejiang province, rain forests of Yunnan, deserts of Ningxia and Inner Mongolia, and the mountains of Inner Mongolia.

The final trip, a three-day odyssey through the Alashan Desert, which stretches from Inner Mongolia to Ningxia, took place in early August. The trip included everything from camping to live rock music, and allowed Land Rover drivers a wild respite from everyday life.

Land Rover driver Feng Huawei called the desert journey “a baptism for mind and soul” and spoke of his love for the brand in an interview with China Daily.

“When you see the fleet put together, the Land Rover logo against the backdrop of the boundless desert, you just can’t stop feeling the very pulse of the brand spirit and an unbreakable bond with it,” he said.

Jaguar Land Rover is currently the fourth largest premium automaker in China, and the country also represents their largest market, so maintaining strong ties with Chinese consumers is a high priority.

“We pledge to stay in China for the long haul,” says Bob Grace, regional president of Jaguar Land Rover Greater China. “That’s why we keep our devotion to the market with tailor-made campaigns, reliable products, growing experience centers and network.”

“Unexplored Experiences” was the company’s latest effort at consumer outreach, and it has paid off spectacularly. The Alashan Desert trip alone drew 500 Land Rover owners and the media and “a fully equipped fleet of 200 Land Rover vehicles.” Overall, 900 drivers participated in the 70-day campaign.

“China’s rapid urbanization is creating an increasing number of new elites who have a discerning taste for SUVs which can push the boundaries of traveling and lead them to unexplored territory,” Grace explained. “Our esteemed Land Rover stands out perfectly to meet the trend.”

The automaker has introduced new models into China accordingly. The next strategic focus for Land Rover will be its Discovery Family line of SUVs. The upcoming Discovery Sport will go on sale next year and pay tribute to the line’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

“Customers are seeking fantastic driving journeys that rely on trustworthy vehicles,” says Grace. “That’s why we keep rolling better, stronger and more advanced products off the assembly line.”

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