Lamborghini SUV Debut At Beijing Auto Show Rumored

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The auto world is agog with whispered rumors sparked by Lamborghini. All portents indicate that the luxury motor company has a new concept version of a Lamborghini SUV and will be sending it into production, and which will ultimately be debuted in Beijing’s Auto Show in April.

Lamborghini’s chief, Stephan Winkelmann, says a four-door model would fit with his company’s direction. Corporate cousin Porsche also offers an incentive for Lamborghini: the Porsche’s Cayenne has proved to be a hit despite what skeptics predicted, offering a great model for sales and profit potential in hyper-luxury SUVs.

Unlike Lamborghini’s first SUV, the LM002, which evolved out of a project to build a military vehicle for the U.S., the new SUV would be focused on luxury and sporty on-road behavior to suit the tastes of the sub-one-percenters in the U.S., Russia, China, and India.

There’s a slight chance that Lamborghini’s four-door experiment will turn out to be the next four-seat Lambo, a sedan, based on the stunning Estoque concept that was briefly headed for production in 2009.  The only real clue auto aficionados have to go by is a tiny crop of what appears to be a magazine page touting a new concept version of a Lamborghini SUV coming to Beijing posted to autonews.

Whatever Lamborghini’s secret project turns out to be, Winkelmann has already said it will not be on sale before 2016.

photo credit: lamborghini

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