Infiniti Puts Focus on Love & Family with New ‘Gan Ai’ Marketing Campaign in China

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Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company has launched a new family focused campaign for its Infiniti brand. The campaign—the Gan Ai Season of Family Love—will be marketed through the sponsorship of online games, TV programs, clothing, cartoons, family driving tours and sports education. The brand’s overall goal is to foster a connection with younger generations.

The marketing campaign came out of Infiniti ‘s sponsorship of the popular Chinese show Where Are We Going, Dad? The collaboration has proven fruitful, says Daniel Kirchert, the managing director of Infiniti China.

The name Gan Ai draws from the spirit of Where Are We Going, Dad? and Nissan’s vision for Infiniti.

The Chinese character Gan stands for daring or challenging, while Ai symbolizes love and passion.

“It’s the perfect hand-shake between Infiniti’s Gan Ai spirit and the show,” Kirchert told ECNS.

With one in three Chinese people reportedly viewing the first season of the show, and more than 2.1 billion people searching the show online, Infiniti has certainly increased their product awareness. Sales of the Infiniti QX60, the car featured in the program, saw a major boost in sales last year.

“The cooperation with Where Are We Going, Dad? was one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the automotive industry. It built emotional resonance with China’s young-minded customers, as both of us spread love to family and ordinary life,” Kirchert said.

As Infiniti continues to support the show in its second season, the brand has also introduced a number of new marketing strategies including summer camps and clothing designs.

Kirchert shared that summer camps and trips planned by the brand are set to accommodate over 8,000 people, including 3,000 children.

“The new marketing campaign will be more interactive, educational and entertaining,” he said.

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