Luxury Brands Bank on Art Sponsorships to Boost Sales in China

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Luxury brands like Bottega Veneta believe that philanthropy translates into good publicity in China, especially when art and culture are involved, says Live Trading News.

Recently, Bottega Veneta launched an exhibition named Facing Faces, a collection of portraiture by aspiring and mid-career Chinese artists. It remains on display on the second floor of its flagship store at the Yifeng Galleria in Shanghai through June.

“Since our opening in May 2012, our clients have been deeply attracted by our art sponsorship practice. We hope our clients will like Facing Faces as much as the previous two exhibitions,” said Marco Bizzarri, Bottega Veneta’s vice president of operations.

Facing Faces was curated by Zheng Gu, an art critic, photographer, and professor at Fudan University. Works by Enli Zhang, Puxin, and Jianhua Liu, and others explore themes of identity and personality.

Fashion and art have long been intertwined. One needs only to consider Elsa Schiaparelli’s collaboration with Salvatore Dali in the 1930s or Miuccia Prada’s collaboration with Rem Koolhaas to realize the worlds overlap nicely. And brands have taken full advantage of the mixture of art and fashion as of late. Christian Dior & Chinese Artists exhibition at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art is a nice example.

Artistic sponsorship is being looked at by leading fashion houses as a way to boost sales and create ties to local culture. Brands hope to educate and impress prospective clients.

François Pinault, owner of Bottega Veneta, is keen on demonstrating his respect for Chinese culture. His family recently donated a set of Qing dynasty bronze zodiac heads taken from China in 1860.


photo credit: christian dior


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